House rules

Dear pilot, here are some important rules to know before you start on our
dusty trails:

Vehicles (motorcycles, quads and 4x4s)
To. The bikes must be road legal, otherwise the police will chase you and nothing can be done for you.
b. To avoid making noise and disturbing the cows in the area, enduro motorcycles must be equipped with baffles.
vs. Your motorcycle must be equipped with FIM tires because we do not need to plow our land.
vs. If you don’t want to finish on foot, it is highly recommended to have reinforced foams or inner tubes.
d. Don’t forget your environmental mat to protect our land but especially if you don’t want to be banned for life from the site!

The pilots:
To. You must have your driver’s license, vehicle registration document and valid insurance. If you don’t have all that, unfortunately we can’t help you.
b. If you want to keep all your teeth, it is advisable to wear a CE-standard helmet and back protector, as well as all the basic equipment (boots, knee pads, etc.).
vs. It is strictly forbidden to ride a motorbike on the site without a helmet, unless you have a mad desire to bang your head against the trees!

To. It is the guide who leads the walk so follow his instructions carefully so as not to get lost and end up like Tom Hanks in “Alone in the world”.
b. To avoid being chased by an angry bear (or guide), do not take paths outside the paths provided for this purpose.
vs. Videos during the walks are prohibited, unless you have prior approval from the guide. Otherwise, he might throw you off the cliff.

To. Don’t forget your meat bag (duvet) and your comforter if you don’t want to curdle your loaves all night.
b. If you want to sleep in peace, don’t start your motorbike after 10 p.m., you risk being stoned by other campers.
vs. Take care of the place, otherwise we will turn you into a pillar of salt.
d. Leave the toilets, showers and rooms clean, otherwise you’ll be on duty with a bucket and a brush to clean everything!

Fire prohibited:
We are delighted that you are all passionate campers, but unfortunately, our domain is not equipped to welcome your talents of arsonists. We therefore ask that you do not light any fires on the estate, even if you are confident that you can compete with Bear Grylls when it comes to survival in the forest. Don’t forget that the consequences could be serious, and it’s much easier to warm up while sipping hot chocolate in our bar. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, and above all, do not play with fire, even if you are a real wisp!”

To. Book your place a maximum of 48 hours before arrival so as not to stay on the floor.
b. Order your meals 48 hours in advance if you don’t want to eat roots and stones.
vs. Order your breakfast no later than the day before, otherwise there is a risk of forced fasting.

To. Reservations are confirmed after payment of a 50% deposit by credit card, bank transfer, ApplePay, or Lyf.
b. The balance is to be paid on site by credit card, bank transfer, ApplePay, Lyf or cash, Monopoly tickets are therefore not accepted, as are checks.

To. If you ever have to cancel your reservation, let us know 48 hours in advance to get your money back.
b. In the event of cancellation within less than 48 hours, we will suggest that you postpone your stay depending on availability.

Check-in / check-out:
To. Arrival possible from 3 p.m.
b. Chill-out until 1 p.m. maximum
In case of non-compliance with these rules we will ask you to leave the premises but we know that they are not so terrible! Above all, keep in mind to come and have fun and spend a moment of passion in all simplicity!
See you soon !

PS: with us it’s casual so don’t be very demanding, we are not a 5 star!


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