Children's motorcycle school

An children’s motorcycle school is an institution specialized in teaching motorcycle riding to young people, typically aged 6 to 17 years old. These establishments provide a safe and professional environment to introduce children to the world of motorcycles, starting from the basics of riding to the refinement of advanced techniques. The primary goal is to cultivate a passion for riding while instilling values of safety, discipline, and respect on the track.

Initiation to Riding

From the age of six, children can discover the joys of motorcycle riding in a controlled environment. Introductory courses are designed to be accessible and reassuring, with small-sized motorcycles tailored to the age and stature of the students. These initial steps cover the fundamentals: starting, stopping, controlling the motorcycle in motion, and most importantly, essential safety rules.

Training and Advancement

As students progress, they can access more advanced levels where they will learn more complex riding techniques. This includes controlling the motorcycle at higher speeds, delicate maneuvers, navigating different types of terrain, and, for the more advanced, the basics of competitive riding.


A unique aspect of children’s motorcycle schools is the “Graduation”. This specific program is a preliminary step for young people wishing to obtain a motorcycle pilot license. It combines theory and practice to provide a comprehensive understanding of motorcycles, riding, as well as rules and sports ethics.

Safety and Equipment

Safety is the cornerstone of teaching programs in children’s motorcycle schools. Students are equipped with full protection, including helmets, gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, and appropriate clothing, to minimize the risk of accidents. Instructors are experienced professionals, often motorcycle riders themselves, who teach not only riding techniques but also the importance of respecting rules for the safety of everyone on the track.

Learning Environment

Schools offer an enriching environment where children can learn while having fun. Beyond riding, courses aim to develop skills such as self-confidence, concentration, quick decision-making, and teamwork. Facilities typically include various tracks and courses designed to offer different levels of difficulty and allow students to practice their skills in diverse conditions.


A children’s motorcycle school is more than just a place to learn riding. It is a space where young people can develop a passion for motorcycling in a safe environment, guided by professionals dedicated to their sports and personal education. By participating in these programs, children gain not only riding skills but also valuable life lessons in respect, safety, and perseverance.


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